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The South Island – New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! (I’m not saying that just because I was born there,) BUT because if you don’t believe me, then either join us on our SOUTH ISLAND tour online, or go there yourself and experience first hand, an embracing warmth, friendliness, and let the proud spirit, with a deep sense of wonderful history, of the NEW ZEALAND PEOPLE envelope you. Be spellbound by stories relayed through song, dance and art.



NEW ZEALAND (located slightly south-east of AUSTRALIA) is a relatively small multicultural country of four (4) million people, specialising in tourism, farming & agriculture. (In Maoridom New Zealand=Aotearoa= (means)  “LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD” and the SOUTH ISLAND, “Te Wai Pounamu” (means) Water of Greenstone.)  Renowned for its pristine, natural beauty and  spectacular scenery – verdurous and dramatic landscapes, lush rainforests, unique wildlife and charming townships are all found around every corner. With an  incredible diversity of landscape, Cas and I have been able to experience nature at its very best.

Vincent Van Gogh could easily have been referring to NEW ZEALAND’S SOUTH ISLAND when he said: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”.

NEW ZEALAND is a place where u can quench your thirst for adventure, invigorate your soul, enjoy impressive meals, get in touch with nature, learn about the Maori culture and leave with a lifetime of cherished memories. By reading our account we trust that you will have embers, in your mind, long after we have returned back home.

Our tour is spread over 24 fabulous days, circumnavigating the whole of the island. ALLOW US TO WET YOUR APPETITE.

We start after arriving into the main city of the SOUTH ISLAND – CHRISTCHURCH, heading north up to HANMER SPRINGS, a wonderful place to just chill out, for a couple of days, relaxing in the fabulous THERMAL POOLS!  From there it’s on through the stunning pastoral land and back out to the coastline of KAIKOURA passing on up through the SALT LAKES of GRASSMERE to the world famous wine producing area of BLENHEIM and PICTON. From there it’s through the fabulous MARLBOROUGH & QUEEN CHARLOTTE SOUNDS onto NELSON. NELSON, with it’s artisans, fruit growers and seafood’s are a mouth watering combination, then a day trip crossing the TAKAKA HILL to another world where pristine water flows endlessly.  A beautiful drive through the MUCHISON VALLEY and BULLER GORGE takes us onto the northern most WEST COAST town of WESTPORT. Then, we start the south-bound trek, taking us right down through the bush laid WEST COAST, taking in the FRANZ JOSEF & FOX GLACIERS along with AORANGI = Mt COOK, down through the very picturesque HAAST PASS, to the FABULOUS SOUTHERN LAKES REGION, of WANAKA, QUEENSTOWN & TE ANAU in FIORDLAND, a wonderful harmonious blending of nature, the enviroment and it’s scenery, both at DOUBTFUL & MILFORD SOUNDS. Our jouney continues on south east-bound to one of the SOUTHERN MOST CITIES IN THE WORLD – INVERCARGILL AND the southern most point in the SOUTH ISLAND = STIRLING POINT BLUFF, where NEW ZEALAND’S NATIONAL HIGHWAY STARTS or FINISHES (which ever way you wish to look at it) lol

THEN, we start heading NORTH to GORE, BALCLUTHA and DUNEDIN, areas of very strong SCOTISH ACCENT,  taking in LARNACH’S CASTLE,  the beautiful OLVESTON HOUSE andthe worlds steepest public road, (BALDWIN STREET) and certainly NOT the very rare NORTHERN ROYAL ALBATROSS.

Continuing north we stop in at the “VERY STRANGE” MOERAKI BOULDERS  located at KOEKOHE BEACH AND the beautiful town of great archaeological & architectural significance OAMARU.  From here it’s inland again, up through the  incredible WATAKI VALLEY AND MACKENZIE BASIN, which also takes in both MT COOK, from the eastern side and the CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD at LAKE TEKAPO.

LASTLY, we stop at TIMARU, the birth place of the NEW ZEALAND “WORLD FAMOUS” RACE HORSE PHARLAP, before returning back to CHRISTCHURCH, via ASHBURTON.

If you look carefully at the map above, the yellow dots indicate where we stayed during our vacation.


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