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“Welcome to “Our Travelling Experiences”:

HELLO WORLD! Finally, we are here, needless to say Cas and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to, “OUR TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES”. As we understand it, the business of creating a travel blog is an arduous one, to say the least, but in time very rewarding as we are able to share with others our experiences – the up’s and down’s and all that goes with it. Before going on, WE DO STRONGLY SUGGEST that if you are interested in joining us, in our travels, and would like to comment as we go, please register your email address on the RSS feed (the grey circle link/icon, in the top right hand corner) It’s TOTALLY FREE! This will advise you of every new entry we make. Please join us. 🙂 Navigating around our site is easy.  🙂

FRONT PAGE: This is our “Welcome Page”.
NOTES FROM THE ROAD: A daily account from an area with perhaps a picture or three.
FLASHBACK: Photos taken during our travels.
THE BEST OF: A trip which remains embedded in our minds and the embers still glow
TRAVEL CHAT: General chat on travel.
YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE: We would welcome your contribution of an experience which you would like to share, of a place visited.
RATINGS: If we assess an accommodation house, travel operator, or service provider, then here is where you will find the report.

This is our first attempt into the blogging world, so if you would like to join us, just sit back in your computer chair, or use your trusty laptop, or even your smartphone and (even if you wish) join in by commenting with some of your own experiences (in the YOUR BEST EXPERIENCES area) if you wish.

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