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Firstly, (Cas & I – The Sanman)  extend a very warm welcome for you to join us, (from the 9th of August through to early November 2013) from the comfort of your computer desk, or your “trusty” laptop, or even your smartphone, as we take in a large section of RUSSIA, EUROPE, GREAT BRITAIN and DUBAI IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Well, where does one start?  It would be prudent to say that we trust and hope that everything is now booked and that our plans are finally starting to materialize for our sixty-seven (67) day NORTHERN HEMISPHERE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE.  In particular we have paid attention in trying to avoid the one night stops, as much as we can as these can be rather arduous when following on.  In the main most of our stops are between 2-4 nights, in most areas.  Listed below are countries in our schedule to visit: RUSSIA, FINLAND, SWEDEN, DENMARK, THE NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY, AUSTRIA, GREECE, TURKEY, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, SCOTLAND, LONDON,  FRANCE, THE UNITED EMIRATES, & finally back to AUSTRALIA. I must say that in both the accumulating and collating of information for the trip, (so that it runs smoothly) has certainly provided it’s trials and tribulations. In particular I reference say Russia, this without any doubt has been a very timely and testing exercise, BUT, we can now also say, “WE HAVE IT IN THE BAG!” On the reality side, it’s really quite amazing the level of changes which have taken place with our itinerary, from the inception, to the point that we now have a version 5, in place. Our mode/s of transport, (for the trip) will cover the spectrum.  Starting in Sydney around 9pm, on one of the world’s largest commercial airliners in service THE AIRBUS 380 and ending up at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport around 2.45pm on the following afternoon. (some 23.5 hours from Sydney Airport) Temperatures hopefully will be around the 15-20c mark. From FINLAND we are utilizing the Urail package offered by the European train operators, valid throughout the EEC and in our case optimizing the 15 days over three months. This opens the door allowing us to use the FAST & CITY NIGHT TRAINS, it also gives us access to a plethora of discounts on numerous travel associated services, eg: up to 40% discount on the overnight ferries. In some instances we are using planes, but not greatly, WHY?  Mainly because the discount airlines are to stringent with baggage allowances, fees, time/s getting on and off the plane/s and flight conditions.  On the other hand standard airlines in EUROPE can charge anything up to 7-800 € for an hour’s flight, the same flying time as between MELBOURNE to SYDNEY from $49.00. Interestingly, our actual time in the air equates to more than 60 flying hours, the bulk of which will be with EMIRATES AIR. From HELSINKI we are on the overnight ferry travelling to STOCKHOLM and ATHENS a cruise ship for four days, cruising the MEDITERANEAN. Who knows we may even try our hand at canoeing on LAKE NERO, in RUSSIA. Our aim is to try and lodge our posts as frequently as possible, HOWEVER, it will all be governed by our access to the internet.  In main cities we don’t expect to many problems, HOWEVER, when out in remote areas such as: RUSSIA, CRUSIING THE MEDITERRANEAN & up the top of SCOTLAND could b interesting. Our biggest concern at the moment, is what does the crystal ball say for weather during our trip?  Based on the facts that in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE it is regarded at the height of their summer (being July) their temperatures sore, (not quite to the level of Australia) but from then they head back down to the coldest time being January/February.  This is why we factored RUSSIA, & SCANDINAVIA to be one of the first ports of call. On this trip HELSINKI FINLAND is our furthest point north that we travel.

Our Travels, 67 Days in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE.

(Click on the image to get a clearer picture.)

As you can see from the map our travels take us quite extensively through the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. Omitted from the map are, our travel from: SYDNEY TO MOSCOW and our return travel from LONDON, VIA DUBAI BACK TO SYDNEY. One thing which has been particularly noticeable when booking tours for the trip, that the private operators (with the modern new coaches) in the cities/town doing the 1/2 and full day familiarization tours are calling it a day. A good example of this is FRANKFURT and BERLIN, where these tours are now replaced with the HOP ON HOP OFF services, in some cases with the open upper deck, double-decker. So why is this? Well, in the summer it’s fine, the numbers are there and the coaches are full, BUT in the winter the overheads and costs are still the same, yet in some instances the numbers may even be just one or two people. Rather difficult to justify a 50-60 seater coach. JUST A QUICK NOTE: With the main menu bar, if for example you want to view the page – DAY 23 CHRISTCHURCH – SYDNEY and it’s not showing on your screen, use your up arrow key, to move the page up and the click-on link will appear. WELL, it’s time to go, so we hope you will enjoy travelling with us, like we said please join in, with any question/s or comment/s.  🙂 Regards and best wishes Cas & The Sanman. PS… we have just been told that we will be welcoming a new little addition into the family, about the end of February.  Hope all goes well for M&K.  🙂 

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