1. 2. IT’S IN THE MAKING ANOTHER 64 DAY MAGNIFICENT PILGRIMAGE | Our Travelling Experiences – With Cas & The Sanman



Both Cas & I – (The Sanman) are elated in being able to extend a very warm invitation for you to join us as we again travel through the northern hemisphere, from the home comforts of your own living-room chair, computer desk, or trusty mobile phone.  Your inter-action (online) is most welcome.  Our dates of travel are pencilled from the end of May through to the beginning of August 2016 – again timing being so critical so that we aren’t heading into snow blizzards with our first visit.

This time we are starting in the salubrious Hawaiian Islands to reinvigorate and reenergise our wellbeing.  From there it’s onto the resource rich frontier of Alaska. For the few opportunities of ever going to Alaska from DOWN UNDER it is a truly unique and life-time experience.  Imagine getting up close to a pack of wild bears. There’s nothing like the primal feeling of looking into the eyes of a wild animal – from a safe distance of course. At the moment we are debating as to weather to do the ARTIC CIRCLE TOUR which obviously takes us over the very top of the world and allows us to view first hand the WHITE POLAR BEARS in their natural habitat.  “Viewing polar bears in the wild is one of the most unique experiences in the world.” —ALASKA MAGAZINE– UPDATE REGRETTABLY & UNFORTUNATELY, the POLAR BEAR EXPIDITION only operates for one month of the year from August the 25th – September the 25th.  At the time we are there they will be on the pack ice hunting in their traditional feeding grounds. 🙁

After a lovely cruise with PRINCESS CRUISES along ALASKA’S INSIDE PASSAGE our ship arrives portside at VANCOUVER CANADA to take in the vastness of this stunning country.  We explore some of the most beautiful and dramatic landscapes in the world with CANADA’S ICONIC CITIES, THE ROCKIES, THE FALLS of the mighty NIAGARA again and not forgetting the opulent BUTCHART GARDENS on VICTORIA ISLAND.  Another wonderful opportunity will occur while we are there @ CALGARY as they will be staging their annual CALGARY STAMPEDE.

With the third section of our pilgrimage we will be retracing over ground which we have already been to and would like to return to again in AMERICA namely – SEATTLE, SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES & finally LAS VEGAS. One area which we are absolutely adamant about which while in the US we WON’T be travelling with UNITED AIRLINES AT ALL. UNFORTUNATELY, previous experiences with UNITED were nightmares.



OUR MOVEMENTS (Click on the image to get a clearer picture.)

It’s interesting to note that unlike our previous NORTHERN HEMISPHERE 67 DAY EXPERIENCE, our main mode of transport were the trains. This time we will be mainly driving over much of the terrain, utilizing rental cars.

Looking at temperatures for ALASKA for June “surprisingly”, they seem to reach into the mid thirties (Celsius) which would be most welcome. 🙂









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