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Day 15: Las Vegas/San Francisco

                                  The current time and temperature in Las Vegas Nevada. Well, today’s our final day, and it’s a biggggggggggg one. We don’t have to checkout till 11am, so we thought we would go to Denny’s for breakfast, then finish the souvenir shopping, and then take a drive into the suburbs. Again it was a […]

Pictures from Day 15 Las Vegas – Day 3

Pictures from Day 14 Las Vegas – Day 2

Pictures from Day 13 Las Vegas – Day1

Pictures from Day 10 New York

Pictures from Day 9 Toronto/Niagara

Pictures from Day 1 Sydney – Los Angeles:

Day 9 Toronto – Niagara Falls:

                  The current time and temperature in Toronto and Niagara Falls Canada: (During the day the temperatures are pretty much the same, HOWEVER, at night they can change drastically, betwewen the two places) The plane landed almost to the minute – 6am local time. I gather there is a time difference of around 2 hours from the […]

Pictures from Day 8 Vancouver:

Pictures from Day 7 Seattle – Vancouver:

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