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  ON OUR WONDERFUL 67 DAY 2013 NORTHERN HEMISPHERE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE! Firstly, (Cas & I – The Sanman)  extend a very warm welcome for you to join us, (from the 9th of August through to early November 2013) from the comfort of your computer desk, or your “trusty” laptop, or even your smartphone, as we take in a large […]

Welcome to “Our Travelling Experiences”:

HELLO WORLD! Finally, we are here, needless to say Cas and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to, “OUR TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES”. As we understand it, the business of creating a travel blog is an arduous one, to say the least, but in time very rewarding as we are able to share with others […]

About Us:

A warm welcome to our “ABOUT US PAGE”. Our home base is AUSTRALIA, but our travels have taken us to innumerable places globally, which we would like to share and would certainly welcome comments back on. To set the records straight, while Cas is a real “TRUE BLUE, DINKY-DIE AUSSIE”, the Sanman is a real, “ENDANGERED […]

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