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Day 12 Franz Josef, Haast Pass & Wanaka:

DAY 12 MONDAY: FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER, HAAST PASS & WANAKA: We awoke this morning to brilliant sunshine, with a bit of a nip in the air = crisp. After breakfast in the motel we checked in down the road, for our 1/2 day tour at 8.15am, thinking it was going to be a breeze.

DAY 11 Greymouth – Franz Josef Glacier:

DAY 11 SUNDAY: GREYMOUTH – FRANZ JOSEPH GLACIER: GREYMOUTH, is the largest of the three towns (WESTPORT, GREYMOUTH & HOKITIKA) situated in the WEST COAST region. The population of the whole GREY DISTRICT is around 14,000 residents, which accounts for about 42% of the total WEST COAST’S inhabitants.

Day 10: Westport, Punakaiki & Greymouth:

DAY 10 SATURDAY: WESTPORT, PUNAKAIKI, GREYMOUTH: Getting out of bed this morning, we were greeted to the typical WEST COAST weather – low foggy cloud. BUT, today, is “A BIG BREAKFAST DAY”, as we are undertaking a VERY VERY specialadventure. We will be going on a “CAVE RAFTING EXPEDITION”, in the PAPAROA NATIONAL PARK. Normally, one would […]

Day 9: Nelson, Murchison, Westport:

DAY 9 FRIDAY: NELSON MURCHISON WESPORT: After breakfast at the motel, we settled up and thought we would make a final trip back into town for one last look around, before heading out towards WESTPORT.

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