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Day 19 Invercargill, Gore, Peggydale, Dunedin:

DAY 19 MONDAY INVERCARGILL, PEGGYDALE & DUNEDIN: TODAY, we were somewhat undecided about breakfast, we kinda thought well we would do something a little bit different.  Normally, we would just head to the hotel restaurant, BUT today instead we decided to head for the GOLDEN ARCHES.

Day 18 Te Anau, Bluff & Invercargill:

DAY 18 SUNDAY TE ANAU, BLUFF & INVERCARGILL: TODAY WE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO NEW ZEALAND’S FAMOUS BURT MUNRO AND “THE BLONDINI GANG”. Burt epitomises that very distinguished and tenacious KIWI SPIRIT to achieve, even at the seasoned age of 68 – A WORLD RECORD HOLDER! As for the BLONDINI GANG well you can draw your own conclusions.

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