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The Wonders of the SOUTH ISLAND of NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand is a relatively small multicultural country of four (4) million people, specialising in tourism, farming & agriculture. (In Maoridom New Zealand=Aotearoa= “Land of the Long White Cloud” and the South Island, “Te Wai Pounamu”  or Water of Greenstone.) Renowned for its pristine, natural beauty and  spectacular scenery – verdurous and dramatic landscapes, lush rainforests, unique wildlife […]

Day 23 Christchurch – Sydney:

DAY 23 FRIDAY (THE FINAL DAY) CHRISTCHURCH – SYDNEY AUSTRALIA: Well, it’s FRIDAY, a cold frosty morning with the sun breaking through the curtains. Sadly this signals the last day of our wonderful 23 DAY- SOUTH ISLAND HOLIDAY, circumnavigating the SOUTH ISLAND.

Day 22 Twizel, South Canterbury, Christchurch:

Day 22 THURSDAY TWIZEL, SOUTH CANTERBURY & CHRISTCHURCH: Well, today is our final leg, where we return from TWIZEL to CHRISTCHURCH. Unfortunately, looking out the window from our beautifully warm room, the day looked like it’s going to be pretty much along the lines of yesterday, on and off with drizzle/rain most of the way. 🙁 Breakfast […]

Pics of Day 21 Dunedin, The Waitaki, Twizel:

Pictures Taken of the Waitaki Valley and Twizel.

Day 21 Dunedin, The Waitaki Valley & Twizel:

DAY 21 WEDNESDAY DUNEDIN, THE WAITAKI VALLEY & TWIZEL: Today is one where we are driving for most of the day. There was a bit of drizzle at the start but it did tend to look like clearing. Again it was a case of loading the car and we were finally off just after 9am.

Day 20 Dunedin Larnach’s Castle Dunedin:

DAY 20 TUESDAY  DUNEDIN, LARNACH’S CASTLE, DUNEDIN: DUNEDIN (Otepoti) is a very proud and parochial city with a long standing SCOTISH HERITAGE, YES, a city of the kilts, bagpipes and an endearing fine unspoiled EDWARDIAN and VICTORIAN architecture.

Day 19 Invercargill, Gore, Peggydale, Dunedin:

DAY 19 MONDAY INVERCARGILL, PEGGYDALE & DUNEDIN: TODAY, we were somewhat undecided about breakfast, we kinda thought well we would do something a little bit different.  Normally, we would just head to the hotel restaurant, BUT today instead we decided to head for the GOLDEN ARCHES.

Day 18 Te Anau, Bluff & Invercargill:

DAY 18 SUNDAY TE ANAU, BLUFF & INVERCARGILL: TODAY WE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO NEW ZEALAND’S FAMOUS BURT MUNRO AND “THE BLONDINI GANG”. Burt epitomises that very distinguished and tenacious KIWI SPIRIT to achieve, even at the seasoned age of 68 – A WORLD RECORD HOLDER! As for the BLONDINI GANG well you can draw your own conclusions.

Day 17 Te Anua, Milford Sound Te Anau:

DAY 17 SATURDAY TE ANAU, MILFORD SOUND, TE ANAU THIS IS ANOTHER VERY LENGTHY POST, BURSTING FULL OF INFORMATION. 🙂 It was certainly another rather cool, foggy and frosty morning outside, very similar to yesterday.  Somehow, (not sure how) we managed to make breakfast at the restaurant ON TIME, (just after 6.30am) as we wanted to get a […]

Day 16 Manapouri, Doubtful Sound & Te Anua:

DAY 16 FRIDAY MANAPOURI, DOUBTFUL SOUND AND TE ANAU: WARNING – THIS IS A VERY LARGE POST. It primarily covers the MANAPOURI – DOUBTFUL SOUND AREA. If you’re planning a trip into the SOUTHERN LAKES AREA then PLEASE make sure you include the DOUBTFUL SOUNDS. They will leave u speechless, saying what we did at the end, “WE […]

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