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Day 12 Monday – Stockholm:

DAY 12 STOCKHOLM WEATHER – FINE. Well, at first glimpse looking out from the cabin window, as the sun rose, the water was very blue, with a slight wake from the ship, as it quietly pierced it’s way through the SKARGARDEN, or better known as STOCKHOLM’S ARCHIPELAGO.


For us it was OUR VERY FIRST TIME TO RUSSIA, needless to say we did have some apprehensions, as would be expected. Allow us to walk u through what we did to give you (as a first timer) an idea of what u would expect to happen.

Day 11 Sunday St Petersburg – Helsinki:

An early start has us leaving St PETERSBURG on the fast train to HELSINKI where we inspect “THE SIBELIUS MONUMENT & THE STUNNING CHURCH OF THE ROCK”, followed by our departure to STOCKHOLM on the SILJA SYMPHONY overnight ferry.

Day 10 Saturday: St Petersburg:

Yesterday was magical seeing the incredible CATHERINE PALACE, TODAY has been just as exciting, but in a different kind of way. THE PALACE of PETERHOF was a mirror image of sheer fantasy in SUMPTUOUSNESS, OPULENCE & BRILLIANCE in design.

Day 9 Friday: St Petersburg:

Intimately, the beauty in this masterpiece has been meticulously reassembled. The GERMANS raised it to the ground, by bombing it, when they left. We take the greatest pleasure in presenting to you, “THE CATHERINE PALACE”. Please enjoy this gilded beauty of sheer perfection.

Day 8 Thursday: St Petersburg:

DAY 1 – St Petersburg Weather = Overcast with Rain: Day one (1) marks the start of our three (3) full days in the WONDERFUL city of  St. PETERSBURG, also referred to as, “THE VENICE OF THE NORTH”. 

Day 7 Wednesday: Yaroslavl-St Petersburg:

Today has been one of those BIG DAYS. Our journey is just over a whooping 1,000 km’s. Starting in Yaroslavl, finishing in St Petersburg. Highlights included the ROSTOV KREMLIN & THE HOLY TRINITY ST. SERGIUS LAVRA @ SERGIEV POSAD PLS enjoy. 🙂

Day 6 Tuesday: Kostroma – Yaroslavl:

KOSTROMA is a city surrounded by forestry and rich in historic value. YAROSLAVL on the other hand is a city of 600,000 people and the largest city in the GOLDEN RING chain. The city celebrated its THOUSAND YEAR ANNIVERSARY marking the history of the city. 🙂

Day 5 Suzdal-Kostroma:

DAY 5 SUZDAL – KOSTROMA: WEATHER – SUNNY & CLOUDY: SUZDAL is a small ancient village steeped in medieval history, populated with just over 10,500 local residents, (but unfortunately dropping) living in a golden time warp.

Day 4 Moscow – Vladimir – Bogolyubovo & Suzdal:

DAY 4 MOSCOW – VLADIMIR – BOGOLYUBOVO & SUZDAL: WEATHER – SUNNY Well, after a hearty breakfast at the Holiday Inn our guide and driver picked us up SHARP @ 8am in the reception.

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