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PLEASE JOIN US ON ANOTHER WONDERFUL 64 DAY 2016 NORTHERN HEMISPHERE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE! Both Cas & I – (The Sanman) are elated in being able to extend a very warm invitation for you to join us as we again travel through the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, from the home comforts of your own living-room chair, computer desk, […]

Day 15: Las Vegas/San Francisco

                                  The current time and temperature in Las Vegas Nevada. Well, today’s our final day, and it’s a biggggggggggg one. We don’t have to checkout till 11am, so we thought we would go to Denny’s for breakfast, then finish the souvenir shopping, and then take a drive into the suburbs. Again it was a […]

Pictures from Day 5 San Francisco – Seattle:

Day 4: San Francisco

                The current time and temperature in San Francisco The phone rang, telling us it was our wake-up call. (this time we were determind not to sleep in – lol) After showering and dressing we headed downstairs. Instead of having the continental breaky we decided to go to an American Diner which was located […]

Pictures from Day 4 San Francisco:

Pictures from Day 3 San Francisco:

Day 3 – San Francisco:

                           The current time and temperature in San Francisco DAY THREE!!! Your not going to believe this, we were late rising again. It wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday but still had us on our toes – lol. Breakfast was nice, a limited selection of hot cooked items, juices and coffee, BUT we had to […]

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