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About Us:

A warm welcome to our “ABOUT US PAGE”.



Our home base is AUSTRALIA, but our travels have taken us to innumerable places globally, which we would like to share and would certainly welcome comments back on. :)

To set the records straight, while Cas is a real “TRUE BLUE, DINKY-DIE AUSSIE”, the Sanman is a real, “ENDANGERED K1w1”, who came from across the ditch, as an import to AUSTRALIA, back in 1986. (Just in case you might be thinking, no I wasn’t a boat refugee!)

Ok, having said that, let’s get back to being serious again. lol

Technology has certainly come along way, in recent times. It wasn’t that long ago when mobile phones where like bricks and cost a fortune to buy. Now, they are not much bigger than a credit card and we can communicate instantly and directly to the internet through and with them. Our point being that by “broadcasting” through the internet we are able to reach places, globally, which we never even thought or knew existed.

Cas and I (The Sanman) started travelling together back in 2008, BUT be assured we had both travelled extensively beforehand. It’s interesting to know that there are a very large percentage of people in the world who aspire to and want to travel but for different reasons don’t, sooooooooooooo that desire stays captive in their minds and thoughts, of places far away.

Our aim is to share with these people and any other’s who choose to join us, on our magic carpet rides and come where-ever we land.

In essence, we are trying to give a first hand image from our writings, allowing our readers to visualize what to expect, of an area which we visit, so that if they do end up coming there, as well, then they will have a basic knowledge of the surroundings too!  🙂

Like we said in our opening page. We aren’t experts, (by any stretch of the imagination) when it comes to travel blogging. We get numerous request for help and really aren’t in a position to address those requests, simply because some of them want and need in-depth replies, which take considerable time and explanation. If they were sitting along side of us then it wouldn’t be a problem, however, trying to deal with it in ongoing emails, back and forth just ends up getting everyone frustrated.  Our best advise to anyone starting out, with a new blog for the first time. (just as we did) DON’T look for shortcuts –

  3. If you get bogged down revert to the appropriate forums who are only to happy to assist AND BELIEVE US WHEN WE SAY, “They show a lot of patience in walking you through the processes needed to get you back onto an even keel, with your blog.

We aren’t by any means perfect, BUT we have certainly enjoyed the road so far and look forward to continuing, providing people out there want the information we are giving.  🙂

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